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Realising the need and importance of education some well wishers of Muslim Ummah at Faizabad conceived of establishing such a school which would impart both religious and scientific education to the students. Thus in 1952 (late) Haji Muhammad Basheer owner of renowned Star Bakery and (late) Muhammad Ishaque (Alig.) laid the foundation of the school of their dream at Moghalpura in a clay tiled-roofed room and a small verandah.

Initially the number of students was not more than a few score. In 1960, a young, dynamic and dedicated-to the cause of education-person, now a highly revered and venerated personality of the city.

Hafiz Abdul Hafeez ( presently Nazim-e-Darsgah) joined this school. His continuous struggle against all odds, his personal sufferings and sacrifices for the cause of the school, his painstaking efforts to raise the teaching standard and to transform it in the most modern institution of the city culminated in what we see today in the form this school.

(Late) Haji Muhammad Rafeeq , the younger brother of (late) Haji Muhammad Basheer purchased a piece of land in Moghalpura Mohallah for the school. Their contributions to the construction of the building can never be ignored. May Allah (swt) reward them bountifully in Akhirat and give them Ajr-e- Azeem. Amen!

The construction work of the existing building was taken up in April 1990 and by grace of Allah (swt) and through donations from the generous persons two three-storeyed-blocks were completed by the end of 1994.

Now there are 45 classrooms, a Principals Room, an office, a minuscule but rich library and a small computer lab equipped with scanner, printers and Internet facility. In the new maulana Azad Block there are 8 classrooms besides three labs one each for Physics, Chemistry and Biology, a basement Hall of 3500 sqft and a computer lab.