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From Principal's Desk

It is a matter of both pleasure and privilege for me to once again address the children and esteemed parents of the Darsgah-e-Islami Inter College through this webpage. The school, since its foundation, has been striving towards transforming tender hearts into noble and worthy citizens.

The reputation and progress of any nation depends upon the academic standard of its people. No illiterate or ill educated society can prosper, develop or sustain itself in this rapidly mutating age of science and technology.

If we want to excel in any field we have to make best and fullest use of our time. We should not while away our days and nights in useless gossips or worthless activities. People of the nations, which lead the world and have made tremendous progress in science and technology, don't waste their time. They utilise it worth its every second.

We at this school try to inculcate in our students the habit of utilizing their time in studying and expanding their knowledge. We provide them such an atmosphere where they can compare themselves with rest of the world and gauge where they stand in this competitive world.

No school can progress unless it introspects itself for its short comings and defects off and on. In order to judge and evaluate our teaching standards, we invite experts from other prominent schools and eminent personalities of different subjects whose remarks and comments are thankfully acknowledged and suggestions gratefully incorporated in our future plans.

We aim at multifaceted and all round development of children. Be it their intellectual, moral, cultural or spiritual development, we pay attention to each and every aspect of these fields and provide a suitable and healthy atmosphere for all these faculties.

Our focus is to build character and instil Islamic values in the hearts and minds of our children. We aim at making them true Muslim who can serve their community and motherland with utmost honest, dedication and commitment. Only fear of Allah can prevent us from evils prevalent these days in our societies.

Besides raising academic standard of the students, the school provides them best possible facilities in games and sports, cultural activities and co-curricular activities. The school celebrates National Festivals involving all its students and staff with great enthusiasm in order to instil the spirit of nationalism among students.

The school organises programmes for psychometric evaluation of students to test their abilities, interests and aptitudes. Professional counselling and guidance of students for their career is an integral part of our school.

Regular training and orientation of teachers is a regular feature of our school. We organise training session, orientation workshops in which experts in various fields are invited to benefit from their experiences and deliberations.

Last but not the least we would like to congratulate the entire team of this school for their efforts to make the school a grand success.

In order to transform our teaching methodology we are introducing Brainy Stars Concept of TLM based on Montessori system of education but in Islamic environment. For this we have made a three year agreement with them.

To improve standard of functional English, from next academic session (2018-19), we are introducing Language Lab where the children shall learn and gain mastery over spoken English through interactive programme on personal computers. Each student will be provided a computer machine to learn English.

In our plan is also a well equipped Maths Lab where, students, right from class 1st onwards shall learn Maths through various activities. Mathematics -which is regarded as a boring and dull subject will no longer be treated so, any more.

We have established smart classes in two classrooms and plan to extend it to ten more classrooms in coming session in-shaw-Allah.

I also congratulate all the students and their respected guardians for their kind cooperation and support without which this school would not have developed to such a height.

I ensure you all that the trust you have for us in your hearts, shall never be betrayed. You are free to suggest, comment, criticise and guide us with your valuable suggestions. We welcome healthy comments and criticism.

22 Feb 2018