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Our Motto

1. To impart qualitative religious and scientific education. To emphasize on the correct teaching of Quran Nazira.

2. To impart teaching in an Islamic environment to the students and to arm them with the basic and most essential knowledge of Islam so that they can live in accordance with the Islamic Shariah, which is a must for their Nijat in the akhirah. Besides, to adorn them with the pearls of Islamic moral and spiritual values to make them perfect men. Thus, empowering them to serve the community and the society by making them an honest, responsible and ideal citizen whom the posterity would cherish.

3. To teach Arabic as a living and modern language to enable students to read, write and speak Arabic without any hesitation and difficulty. Thus they would be able to comprehend most of the Islamic literature directly. The knowledge of Arabic would make comprehending the holy Quran an easy and practicable task.